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Yes, Data Can Be Biased

If you had the opportunity to build a model or algorithm from the ground up, what is the first thing that comes to mind – methodology, outcomes, impact?  Many people would say you must begin with data. Data is a good place to start, but much like technology, data is not neutral and can affect

Harvard Gets a PIT Lab

The idea and practice of public interest technology (PIT) isn’t exactly mainstream. There are many people making inroads, though. New America’s Public Interest Technology University Network (PIT-UN) is just one example. The group of 36 public and private universities are creating degree and certificate programs that cut across disciplines and educating scientists, technologists, and sociologists,

The Wheels of Justice Supercharged — and on Zoom

A Q&A with Chief Justice of Michigan Bridget M. McCormack, who was at the forefront of the state of Michigan’s move to online hearings since proceedings were moved online in late March. COVID-19 has transformed every layer of government, including the court system, but there are some organizations that are making the most of this

No Student is an Island

A University of Chicago plan to bring students back doesn’t do enough to ensure safety, says one student. Where’s the data?  The incoming University of Chicago first year students will be on campus in the fall. They will live in single-occupancy dorm rooms, eat take-away meals from dining halls, and socially distance within the classroom