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The Roots of Environmental Justice Take Hold

Environmental justice’s formative document turns 30 this year, and like a fledging adult, the movement is finally putting down roots. The seeds of the movement emerged in October, 1991 at the First National People of Color Environmental Leadership Summit, held in Washington, D.C. During that event, organizers released the Principles of Environmental Justice, which detail how

Finding Solutions to Wastewater Issues: A Q&A with Catherine Coleman Flowers

Catherine Coleman Flowers is talking about something that we don’t hear about too often: waste and sanitation. Flowers, a 2020 MacArthur Genius grant recipient, is the founder of the Center for Rural Enterprise and Environmental Justice, which seeks to address the root causes of poverty by seeking sustainable solutions. In her work she’s taking on a lack

Yes, Data Can Be Biased

If you had the opportunity to build a model or algorithm from the ground up, what is the first thing that comes to mind – methodology, outcomes, impact?  Many people would say you must begin with data. Data is a good place to start, but much like technology, data is not neutral and can affect