How to write for The Commons

When we launched, we had a hunch that people were craving news from the tech for good / government innovation / making things generally better space, but we weren’t sure what the reaction from the field would be. Would people have time to read one more thing? Would we have enough interesting stories to share? Would people like us? Really, really like us?

The answer to all of these has been an emphatic yes, and so much more. One question we’ve received a lot of recently is “How can I write for The Commons?” We are so very pleased you asked. We are interested in featuring writing, interviews and opinions from a diverse range of practitioners and thinkers, so if you have an interesting idea, please simply write up your idea in a few sentences and send it along to

To help spark your thinking, here’s some basic information on the types of stories we’d love to get pitches on:

Opinion Pieces

These are typically first-person essays from a subject matter expert that express a specific opinion or argue a point. Past opinion pieces have included an essay on navigating the LA civil service and one on why co-procurement is an interesting option for cities.

Reported Stories

We’re always interested in telling great stories from across the country. If you have a great story to tell but don’t want to write it yourself, we can assign a journalist to report it. Most recently we reported a story on how Seattle has tried to tackle homelessness via procurement changes.

Our issues always have a theme. Some upcoming themes:

Finding the Work

Innovation teams use a lot of different methods to find the right projects, engage stakeholders and get buy-in. We’d love to hear from teams who have a unique approach so others can learn from you.

Averting Disaster

Ever work on something you knew was doomed to failure? Help others to learn from your mistakes.

Have an idea that doesn’t fit into any of these categories or need help fleshing something out? We’re happy to work with you – email us at!

Thank you!
The Commons Team