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Small steps so integrating benefits applications happens now—not later

Integrating benefits applications is essential to strengthening our social safety net. But too often big visions can obscure the intended outcome: getting people the help they need more efficiently. A different option: Focusing on small improvements, which can make an outsized impact in a matter of months.   When you go to a hospital today your

Chicago, Mastercard Using Data-Driven Insights to Spur Development

When COVID hit in March 2020, plans were already underway for a philanthropic partnership between the Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth and New America Chicago. A team of volunteers at Mastercard had led a similar data-driven initiative in New Orleans the year prior, using analytics to tackle economic issues in the city. Similarly, this project

Data Privacy is a Right Not a Privilege

My public interest technology journey began when I was working in the public sector over a decade ago and started utilizing big data. The interdependency of data and technology quickly became obvious, as well as the amount of personal information that was accessible. I was tasked with developing and implementing data privacy protocols, a practice

Data Privacy Reform for All

It seems the one thing technologists, companies, consumers, and policymakers can all agree on these days is the need for data privacy reform. But what do meaningful data privacy rights look like, and how do we ensure that they actually protect all members of our society? What good are more robust privacy rights if individuals