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The Education issue

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Taking a Lesson from the Tech Industry: Develop and Retain Strong Teachers with Microcredentialing

What does becoming a skilled coder and becoming a skilled teacher have in common? The need for quality tools for professional development and demonstration of skills that are tied to real rewards in the workplace: lessons that have application for all those in public interest fields. Many parents knew—and others learned during school closures due

Predicting Technology Futures by Examining Our Past

As a former technologist, I had long believed that it was impossible to really foresee how a new technology development might impact society. But through my academic research on facial recognition in schools, I learned that we can make surprisingly nuanced and accurate predictions.  Take, for example, facial recognition. While law enforcement has used facial

Harvard Gets a PIT Lab

The idea and practice of public interest technology (PIT) isn’t exactly mainstream. There are many people making inroads, though. New America’s Public Interest Technology University Network (PIT-UN) is just one example. The group of 36 public and private universities are creating degree and certificate programs that cut across disciplines and educating scientists, technologists, and sociologists,