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“A crisis is also an opportunity to see what we weren’t seeing before”

Monday June 1, 2020 / By Cecilia Muñoz

From What to do Next

The harsh light of the Covid-19 pandemic has illuminated a lot of things that we weren’t seeing so clearly before: who government aid reaches and who it leaves... Read More

A condensed history of why government websites fail

Monday June 1, 2020 / By Hana Schank

From What to do Next

While the rest of the world has evolved to a place where we can track anything at all times and order anything from anywhere, government is hopelessly... Read More

Charting a Map to the Future

Monday June 1, 2020 / By Public Interest Technology Team

From What to do Next

IRS data doesn’t tell us much about who is being helped by stimulus payments. Here’s what the data we really need would look like. When Congress passed... Read More

Helping Governments Push Through the Pandemic

Thursday April 23, 2020 / By Jeremy Gantz

From COVID Resources

With the virus overwhelming many governments, technologists have jumped into action to build open source tools the public needs now. A new repository collects... Read More

Why Open Source Matters During the Pandemic

Wednesday April 22, 2020 / By Jeremy Gantz

From COVID Resources

A Q&A with Mark Lerner, who spearheaded the creation of New America’s new Pandemic Response Repository Earlier this month, after a frenzied few weeks... Read More

The Commons: COVID-19 2nd Edition

Thursday March 26, 2020 / By The Commons

From COVID Resources

Members of The Commons, If your inbox is anything like ours it is overflowing with other people’s ideas and inventions aimed at tracking and slowing... Read More

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