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The Legal issue

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The Challenges of Communicating Behind Bars

While listening to recordings of a Somerset County inmate’s calls, a prosecutor with Maine’s Office of the Attorney General recognized the voice of a defense attorney he knew. He stopped listening and reported it, but it raised questions about how often inmate calls with their attorneys are reported? In Maine, it turns out that happens

5 Common Sense Facial Recognition Policies

The 2015 death of Baltimore’s Freddie Gray Jr. in police custody led to ten days of public outcry. The aftermath of the protests further damaged the public’s trust once they found out what police had been up to. The ACLU of North Carolina uncovered the fact that the Baltimore Police Department used facial recognition tools

The Justice System as a Digital Platform

The COVID era has brought physical shutdowns to American courts and an unprecedented backlog of cases. In Connecticut, pending civil and criminal cases have jumped 200 percent during the pandemic, and trials aren’t scheduled to start until at least November. As of late June, New York City had 39,200 criminal cases waiting to be heard.

“Housing is a Human Right”

We are only six months into the COVID-19 pandemic, and something that for months experts have predicted would happen is actually happening: between 30 and 40 million people are at risk of eviction.  While the Centers for Disease Control passed a moratorium this month that bans most evictions until January 1, 2020 something permanent is