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National crises are deeply local concerns, demanding local solutions

Jeremiah Lindemann is a Public Interest Technology Fellow at New America, where he runs the Opioid Mapping Initiative, a coalition of local government task forces devising new strategies to combat the opioid epidemic.   The term “crisis” is often used to refer to something huge––national or even global in scale. A “crisis” is a wave

In some way, shape, or form, infant mortality touches everyone in the city

Baltimore has been tackling a major crisis in their city for years— infant mortality, and the disparity in survival rates between white and black babies. The Commons’ Emma Coleman spoke with Rebecca Dineen, the Baltimore City Health Department’s Assistant Commissioner for the Bureau of Maternal and Child Health, about how they have been able to

How a Roadmap Keeps San Jose’s Innovation Team Focused on Core Priorities

Michelle Thong is a service designer, storyteller and facilitator. As Digital Services Lead for the City of San Jose, she’s leading the introduction of user-centered, iterative approaches to help her fellow public servants deliver better services to San Jose’s 1 million residents and 60,000 businesses.   “Where do we start?” This is the question staring