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The Election 2020 issue

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Election Technology for the Common Good

America’s election administration infrastructure is in a dire state. Far too many voters face challenges in casting a ballot. Genuine threats of disruption and subversion by foreign actors persist and are growing, and hyper-politicization has poisoned anything having to do with the voting process, policy, or regulation. Add in a reliance on systemically-vulnerable technology requiring

And the Winner Is…

In this highly polarized and nail-biting election, every vote counts. But it can (and will) take a while. Election Night results on TV and online are never — and have never — been final, official results. The official results, which come from election offices, are only announced after counts are canvassed, audited and certified. In

“The World Is Watching”

The 2020 election season was exhausting, and it isn’t over yet. This month, a bipartisan group of former elected officials — members of the U.S. House and U.S. Senate, former cabinet secretaries, retired military officials, and civic leaders — launched a new group dedicated to effecting change in the U.S. voting systems. Called the National