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The Therapy Issue

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Moving past burnout, learning to recharge

On the other side of burnout, there’s light. Jesse Taggert and Amy Wilson share their journeys toward resiliency, what it feels like to fail at something you love, how to rest up, and how to keep going. Jesse Taggert is Director of Design at Truss, former Director of Design at CA Child Welfare Digital Services,

Two dispatches from the heart of burnout

Two postcards from the middle of burnout explore why we’re so prone to chronic stress—as individuals and as an industry—and why that’s so hard to change.   Dave Guarino was the founding engineer of GetCalFresh at Code for America, which has assisted 800,000 Californians through the application process for the SNAP program (food stamps) in

The hard work of preventing burnout

Cecilia Muñoz and Alex Loehr talk about relying on your team, finding moments to unwind, balancing (or not balancing) priorities, and building healthier habits for dealing with stress. Cecilia Muñoz is Vice President for Public Interest Technology and Local Initiatives at New America, which she joined 2017 after eight years on President Obama’s senior staff.

How we fall into the burnout trap

Dr. David Ballard is assistant executive director for applied psychology at the American Psychological Association, where he leads APA’s Office of Applied Psychology and its Psychologically Healthy Workplace program, focused on the application of psychology to a broad range of workplace issues. We spoke with Dr. David Ballard of the American Psychological Association about why