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“A space of creativity and risk-taking”: Notes from Philly’s service design team

For this Q&A, we reached out to the PHL Service Design Studio at the City of Philadelphia. Director Liana Dragoman shared the studio’s origins, structure, and perspective on improving people’s experiences of government.  Q: Could you tell us about your team’s origin story? In the period of 2009 to 2014, public interest technologists and designers started

500 people raising their hands: How we’re building an inclusive tech team

Matthew McAllister is a founding member of the Colorado Digital Service. By October, we’d spent countless hours in coffee meetings, video chats, and speaking at events. We were making the case to decisionmakers —including the governor—that if given the right opportunity, technologists across Colorado would raise their hands to be part of our work in

Shaking up the status quo machine

Lane Becker was formerly the Director of 10x Investments for the General Services Administration and the Director of Products and Startups for Code for America. He’s currently launching The Public Interesting, a strategic consultancy reimagining today’s public institutions for tomorrow’s world.  ~ The US government is a gigantic, federated behemoth, with millions of people across